Supreme Features

Cube4U is ideal for securing all your cards, protecting your data, privacy and safeguarding your valuables.

Small size - large capacity

Small and compact, holds six cards and a lot of paper and metal money.


Made of top quality leather, tempered steel and neodymium magnets

RFID full protection

A magnetic field protects your payment cards against personal data theft devices


Resistant to the strongest physical shocks, water, dust, temperature differences

Modular concept

Smart modules such as Powerbank, Tracker or Stun Gun are coming soon

Patented technology

Cube42 patented technology overcomes the flaws of existing market models

Choose your model

All our models are of the highest quality and the price range is adjusted to the needs and purchasing power of the customers.

Main features:
Vegetable tanned leather
Small dimensions, large capacity
Upgradeable to smart modules
Physical and RFID protection
Steel plates and magnetic locking
10 year warranty
Main features:
Vegetable tanned leather
Bulletproof AIII armor level
Upgradeable to smart modules
Hardness 56 HRC Rockwell
Physical and RFID protection
10 year warranty
Main features:
Perfect vegetable tanned leather
Premium classification
Additional tuning and quality control
Free engraving of initials
Luxury packaging
Lifetime warranty

Specs and certifications

Superior material characteristics, patented construction technology and a unique design solution with most important certificates make the Cube4U wallet a product that exceeds even the highest expectations



Dimensions and Weight

90 x 56 x 27 mm, 135 g

Organic Leather

Naturally tanned calfskin, without zinc. Water-based finish, resistant to all external influences



Metal plates

Tempered steel plates 50 HRC


Neodymium magnets. five layers of impregnated canvas, interwoven with fibers make the Cube indestructible



Patented technology

NP 2018-76, PCT/2019/ME000001


Smart modules. adjusting the thermal springs according to the capacity allows enjoyment at all times

Global Defense Accessories

The indestructibility and extreme resilience of the Cube wallet make it the perfect military accessory for both NATO countries and other armies of the world. All our products are codified to the highest military standards and are in the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics.

Product Reviews

All our customers, whether individuals or companies, have extremely favorable impressions after using the Cube wallet

Danilo Orlandić

CEO of Airports of Montenegro

“ The exceptional design and technical features of this product make it perfect for gifts to partner companies and exceptional individuals with whom we collaborate. This invention has the potential to become a global brand.”

Best Purchase

Igor Dragićević

Senior Manager at LinkedIn

“ The wallet fits in every pocket, now I know exactly where each card is. Payments are much faster and easier. All the money and cards from the old wallet fit into a new one that is twice smaller and does not change shape during use.”

Fabulous work

Erik Silva

New York, NY

“ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris ut. “

Great watch to have