What are the dimensions of the wallet? Is it possible to wear it in the front pocket?

It's as small as a box of cigarettes. It is ideal for carrying in your front pocket due to its size. Therefore, you are preventing the theft of the wallet.

What is the capacity of the wallet? Is there room for coins?

The wallet can fit 6 easily accessible cards, up to 30 paper banknotes and coins.

Is it possible to accommodate all types of paper bills?

Yes, the wallet corresponds to all types of paper money, dollar, euro, pound, etc ..

Does the wallet have RFID protection?

The wallet has the latest patent on RFID protection system. Your payment cards are totally protected from any kind of electronic theft.

What are the dimensions of the wallet?

The outside dimensions of the wallet are 90x65x27 mm (3.5x2.5x1 inch)

Do all models have the same dimensions?

Yes. All models are the same size and do not change the shape with the different content.

Smart wallet, what does it mean?

Our next step is to produce smart modules: battery charger, GPS tracking, taser etc.

Is the wallet made of natural materials?

All the materials used in manufacturing wallets are natural materials. Even paint and varnishes that we use are water based.

I am from Portugal, do you ship here?

No worries, we can ship our product globally.