Cube4U Bulletproof


Meet Cube4U Bulletproof: Designed to resist to WATER, SHOCK, BLAST and even BULLETPROOF, made from organic leather Cube4U is ideal for securing all your cards, protecting your data, privacy and safeguarding your valuables.

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The toughest and most durable wallet in the world. Ideal for outdoor workers, police, the military and all other professionals working in special conditions. Indestructible and impenetrable to most lightweight calibers.

– Three steel plates 0.8 mm thick, hardness 52 HRC
– Capacity: from 6-10 cards, up to 30 paper banknotes and up to 15 coins
– Naturally tanned leather
– Impregnated lining
– Modular drawer with magnetic lock
– 100% RFID protection
– AIII level of armor protection


Additional information

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 90 × 56 × 30 mm

Cube4U Bulletproof